I love to place a puppy in the arms of someone who needs a quality puppy. Some Rhys puppies become famous show dogs, some do therapy, and some are there to love and be loved. We never have many puppies and we would like to get to know you before considering delivering a puppy to you. We do have questions. This is not to be intrusive but to make sure that the puppy will reach his/her potential in your household.

Puppies are born by my bedside and handled constantly until they are weaned. Then they are introduced to individual crates for feeding and sleep and moved to the living room so that they have the stimulation of the activities of a busy household and a collection of constantly changing dog toys. Puppies play on a large deck under canvas cover when the weather is appropriate. When puppies are old enough, they can romp and chase each other in 140' long paddock behind a sturdy 6' fence. There are deer to put to flight, roaming wild turkey, and an occasional visiting pheasant. Cattle graze up to the fence and can be stalked and encouraged to get to their feet and scatter... with a few well-placed charges... slow purposeful creeps... and a bark or two. Adult dogs teach the puppies to do Cardi stuff... "bark at the UPS truck, run fast enough to beat the school bus, and greet all visitors."

A number of our dogs have given their owners a new hobby or improved their lives. And when it comes right down to it, that is why I breed dogs. It is never just about the dogs! There is no better life than a wake-up call from your Cardigan and a cuddle with one (or two) on a bitterly cold night is just about as good as it gets.