Prince Rhys ap Gruffydd was a 12th century warrior prince who ruled over a large part of South Wales. Lord Rhys, as he was often called, sponsored the first recorded National Eisteddford (a bordic assembly for poetry and music) of Wales. Some 30,000 people attended this first assembly.The chronicles record that it was in 1196 that Rhys employed a siege train (catapults) to force the surrender of a castle. In earlier battles, castles were taken by stealth or starvation. This seems to be the earliest reference to this military tactic and may have been break-through technology. At any rate, Rhys was a brilliant field commander. I took the name "RHYS" in 1974 when our first Cardigan came to grace our home. The short name was memorable, easy to spell and I could teach people how to pronounce it (It sounds just like the peanut-butter cups).

Rhys is 55 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA and is homed in a country one-room school built in 1885. The Pleasant Hill School perches on top of a hill above the country village of Ten Mile. There is easy access to the interstate but a decided rural aspect. It is has been restored and converted to a residence with a "Currier and Ives" appeal on the outside and dog-friendly comfort inside. This is a tiny house. I never keep a lot of dogs and I never have more than one dog in a breeding program at a time. There is no kennel.

I am a retired professional and a retired AKC tracking judge. I have always been involved with dogs and together with my late husband, we raised our hand to volunteer to help the members of the dog community many times. I am a founding member of the South Hills Kennel Club, a charter member of the Delaware Valley Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association and a founder of the Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club. I am a member of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America and subscribe to their code of ethics. I am happiest in the company of dogs and the people who love them. I breed an occasional litter because I love raising puppies and I love putting a quality puppy in the arms of people who need that in their lives.